The Movies, SKYFALL

Here are the movies directed, filmed, and produced by the staff of SKYFALL Games:

Big Trouble With Little Homies: Director's Cut

Rated: G

  This is a short movie that was made using unfamiliar equipment. However the movie proved enough of a success that there is a sequel out now and a trilogy on the way. There's not much to say about 'Big Trouble with Little Homies' due to the short length of it, but you can download it here and see this length-impaired epic.

  Download Here (Format: MPEG)

Big Trouble With Little Homies 2: The More Destructive One

Rated: G

  This sequel to the very successful "Big Trouble with Little Homies" is 47 seconds long, that's 2 seconds longer than our goal of 45! Fat Dude and Burned Guy decide to go for a spaceship ride when things go wrong. Strung Out's "Scarecrow" is the soundtrack for this one.

"...the longest 47 seconds I have ever experienced..." --Anonymous

"...that dude is gonna be rich." --Anonymous

  Download Here (Format: MPEG)

SKYFALL Rider: The A-Dum (Trash Can Man)

  Here are videos of our SKYFALL Team Rider, The A-Dum, also known as Trash Can Man. These videos typically have one or more of the following: Blood, mild violence, language, full frontal nudity... No no, that's a big 'not really' on the last one there.

Creek Jump 2007

Rated: G

  The A-Dum jumps a gap over a local creek - Over 5 feet in the air! This is a mildly perilous stunt, so don't try this at home... Like we did. This video also features an actual black guy!

  Download Here (Format: WMV)

The Diddly Squat - Ten Second Hold

Rated PG-13 for:

  • Blood
  • Language 

  In this video, The A-Dum holds an impressive (And dangerous!) Diddly Squat for a whole 10 seconds before biffing hard on the pavement. Don't try this one at home! Soundtrack is Union Underground's "South Texas Deathride."

  Download Here (Format: WMV)

Snow Biff

Rated: G

  This is a preview for the SKYFALL movie, Snow Biff, starring SKYFALL Team Rider: The A-Dum. Just watch it. Soundtrack is Pantera's "Cowboys from Hell."

  "[That video] was just epic." --Daniel, New Zealand

Download Here (Format: WMV)